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Restoration Ai

Are You Fed Up With Everything But The Kitchen Sink Bundled Into Your Roofing Jobs?

For decades, Insurance Companies have underestimated and underpaid roof replacements by using 10% for gables and 15% for hips to calculate waste. These same insurance companies want to bundle cap and starter into the estimate instead of breaking them out as separate line items as they should be. The Restoration AI Waste Calculation App will provide the Contractor with a full report that uses proven, factual math to accurately calculate the correct amount of roof materials needed for any full roof replacement.

Throw away those shingle stretchers and be paid 100% of the materials for your roofing jobs!

Roofing Claims are Being Underpaid by Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Each Year!

Perhaps it doesn’t seem like much to constantly be paid 1 or 2 SQ short for roof replacements. However, at an average of $200 per SQ and only 1 SQ per roof, that’s hundreds of millions of dollar being underpaid across the country each year. If you’re only underpaid by $200 per roof for 100 roofs per year, that’s $20,000 you’re giving away. 

Unfortunately, reality is far worse than that. The Restoration AI Waste Calc tool assists the Contractor with getting paid for all the materials needed for a full roof replacement with just a couple of minutes of data entry