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Bundled Waste Decreases Roof Estimates by over $2,100!

That’s right, on the average 30 sq roof, estimating using bundled waste will underpay that project by over $2,100.

Why? Bundled waste underestimates materials and pays lower labor rates for cap and starter. Take this average 30 sq roof and estimate it in Xactimate™ using bundled waste, then use Autocalc and break out cap & starter as separate line items. The difference is $2,161.

Xactimate™ pricing for Jan 2023 DFW market utilized for example above

Under Ordering Materials Has
Significant Hidden Costs.

Restoration AI Roof Waste Report

Ordering materials based upon the scope of loss will result in a shortage over 75% of the time. What’s the cost of a trip to the material vender to pick up additional materials? What’s the lost opportunity cost for that time spent by a Sales Rep or Project Manager that could have been doing something productive? What the cost of a work stoppage? What’s the cost of a job carrying over an additional day? These are real costs and amount to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for the average contractor. 

Use the Restoration AI Waste Report to determine the correct quantity of materials to be ordered. The Material and Work Order apps will automatically utilize these numbers to submit your orders to the material vender and roof crews. The Supplement Tool will assist the Contractor in being paid for the correct quantity of materials and other job items that were omitted and overlooked. And the Invoice Tool will make it easy to be paid promptly and in full.

Of course they would say that, it saves their employers hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Bundled waste goes back to the days when most roofs were installed using 3 tab composition shingles. The cap and starter was made from cut 3 tab shingles as well. Today, laminated shingles are the predominant roofing material with specialized  cap and starter materials being utilized. These specialized materials are unique with the material costs and labor rates for each being higher than field shingles. Bundling these materials into field shingles no longer makes sense and artificially lowers the price of the roof substantially.

Submit a Restoration AI Waste Report to the Adjuster. The Waste Report calculates the correct amount of waste using mathematical formulas proven over tens of thousands of roofs. The Waste Report also calculates the proper amount of cap and starter to be ordered. There are multiple fact based examples illustrating and proving why bundled waste cannot be used to accurately estimate a roof. The evidence is indisputable and better yet, it works!

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