Roof claims have been estimated using 10% for gable roofs and 15% for hip roofs forever, why change now?

Roof estimates have been estimated incorrectly and underpaid forever. Roofing Contractors who do a lot of insurance work experience are well aware of this but often unable to present a factual argument for being paid 100%. The Roof Waste Calculator changes that.


Why would Insurance Companies continue to use bundled estimating when it’s been proven to be inaccurate?

Except for the simplest roof geometries, bundling under estimates materials by 1 SQ or more. 1 SQ of shingles @ $200 per roof x 1 million roof claims = $200,000,000. Form your own opinion.


Why bundle cap and starter into waste when these are unique, new materials and are easily measured and calculated as separate line items?

Several reasons. Bundling cap and starter into waste results in the Contractor paying for broken bundles of each. On average, cap and starter labor rates are over 2 x higher than field shingles. Bundling cap and starter into waste vs. breaking these out as separate line items underpays the average 30 SQ by over $750. $750 per roof x 1 million roof claims = $750,000,000. Sounds like there are 750 million reasons for estimating in this manner if underestimating the job is the objective.


I know my roof replacement jobs consistently come up 1 to 4 SQ short on materials. How can using the Roof Waste Calculator help us be paid for 100% of the materials and/or cap and starter broken out as separate line items?

Run the report, watch our tutorial on submitting supplements, utilize one of our suggested supplement statements or one of your own, then submit the report to the Insurance Company as a supplement. Show these numbers to your Customer, the Homeowner, and seek their support in having your job paid correctly